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wget to IPFS

PlaceBazaar tooling script to download a file and publish it to IPFS.

 Option -u (--url) requires an argument

  -u --url   [arg] URL to download. Required.
  -r --root  [arg] IPFS id of a directory to add the file to. Leave empty when you don't want to add the file to a directory.
  -t --temp  [arg] Location of tempfile. Default="/tmp/wget-to-ipfs"
  -v               Enable verbose mode, print script as it is executed
  -d --debug       Enables debug mode
  -h --help        This page
  -n --no-color    Disable color output

 Downloads a file from an URL and adds to IPFS.

Get going.

Install wget and ipfs. Ensure both are runnable.

Clone this repo:

git clone https://git.webschuur.com/placebazaar/wget-to-ipfs.git

Run it:

cd wget-to-ipfs
./wget-to-ipfs.sh --url="http://berk.es/berkes_pub.gpg"

Libraries used:

Bash script

Uses http://bash3boilerplate.sh/.