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Dev Landing Page

Minimal landing page for developers.

Developers don’t talk much. Their code does all the talking. So here’s a minimal landing page for developers.

Why? start with why

I wanted a dev landing page to showcase everything I do online and I wanted it to be minimal and right to the point rather beautiful and hefty. And I think most of the devs out there would want the same.

So I sat down one night and created this Dev Landing Page. Feel free to fork, clone, play around and make this your own.


Dev Landing Page comes in 9 material themes.

9 Material Themes

If none of these themes fit within your taste, it’s quite easy to customize and create your own too.

GitHub Pages

GitHub makes it easy to create personal websites. Follow this link - GitHub Pages to know how or follow the steps below.

If you already have a GitHub profile (obviously)

  • Create a new repo with the name {username}
  • Clone/Fork this repo and copy the files to your newly created repo
  • Customize your name, links and everything else for your landing page
  • git push

Voila! Your site should be live at https://{username}

Here’s my Dev Landing Page - Dinesh Pandiyan - portfolio v1

Custom Domain

If you want to make your new landing page available under a domain like {username}.com you can get started here - Setting up a custom domain.


MIT © Dinesh Pandiyan