50 Commits (0.3.0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Bèr Kessels bc4278ddbf Ensure we always have a "city". Set it from geocoder if not provided 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 134b4d4c62 Introduce paginator on region listings 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 2220f9b35e Introduce pagination to indexes. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 879e36df5c Introduce a listing-page for a region. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 6d4f795717 Reorganize makefile to boot new database easier 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels b4b5b0ef5a Add leaflet as local asset 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 59966580ab Allow partials to set the content for other regions 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 1bf144a62f Use UUID v5 to generate a static uuid for a place_id. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 24ec4ae0f8 remove blank line 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels e1192f26e9 Change loading logic of entire suite in Rakefile 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels c41f5b2ab3 Add a lookup by place_id on the API. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 76f930eeee Render JSON place details for a UUID 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 89199e8855 Replace the openstruct in placeID with a PlaceBody 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 21cbf43f68 Refactor node to become "place". 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 715d4f401b Don't create duplicate places based on their id. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels e635936c09 Introduce place_id and use that instead of depending on the UUID. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels cf912e9052 Introduce a base_path helper to help with loading and location files 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 0bd8c66d66 Boyscout: fix output when testing. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 409dce45e7 Refactor command handler and aggregate. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 07386f9adf Ensure we can set per-app-env ENV vars 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 469cb241e0 Throw a 404 if we cannot find the requested node 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 3ab5cb20c0 Fix code style minor linting issues 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels ac596992fc Add UUID as requirement for node_id in URL 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels b7db1c146e Ensure elements are properly escaped. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 80a0e1e3e3 Refactor: Nest and document the app main class 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels a398979139 Take basic information from a Node and present in breadcrumb 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 31f62f26af Setup bootstrap basics 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels b993c74825 Add basics for testing HTML output 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels c53a070984 Autocorrect with rubocop after upgrading. 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels bb5c7cd25f Remove kml builder 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels a6bd6bf9ab Create database through makefile. 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 37eafadc76 Implement basic json serialisation for events with lat-lon pairs 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 76a0c3153f Introduce rake tasks to setup and migrate database 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 915471fd21 Rename ProposedNodes to just Nodes. 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels cf940b0282 Handle viewing of proposed nodes from query 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels c804dd3ef1 Fix errors caused by rebasing against external project 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 638562474b Added a processor to generate and append a KML file. 3 years ago
  Bèr Kessels aa036eed67 Remove inconsistent Sinatra namespacing around the error classes 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 5a8610a2cf Introduce rake and make tasks to reset the database. 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels e184901dcb Cleanup old nodejs code 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 14c263bbf4 Rename HiveMap to Hours. 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 13fdc68c39 Handle creation of nodes with commands and events. 3 years ago
  Bèr Kessels dbfe1c468f Add initial documentation to functions and objects 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels cfddd42802 Linter: Fix whitespace. 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 688fe9952e Linter: Remove extra semicolons 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels ca83622f31 Linter: Change double quote to single quote. 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 23c0a03b7d Use sequalizer to fetch records from the database. 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels c0fdfba216 Move building of response into a Service 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 36e8f6fbff Move fetching of (hardcoded) data into storage layer. 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 83cb555d38 Move helper into own file. Document TODOs 2 years ago