347 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Bèr Kessels 6cb9358c4e Sanity test to see if templating works as expected 9 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 31f62f26af Setup bootstrap basics 9 months ago
  Bèr Kessels b993c74825 Add basics for testing HTML output 10 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 6ef5c36034 Move API tests into own directory 10 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 740a0bd44a Merge branch 'feature/parse-hours' into develop 11 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 9954237507 Remove week_stable as we don't need that ATM. 11 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 541b1841e4 Use parser to parse the Opening Hours String. 11 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 06b8a08e71 Introduce and use test assertion helper to check for http status 11 months ago
  Bèr Kessels d2f2ae835a Refactor iterator object creation into a constant 11 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 84032a0afe Replace hardcoded address with hstore object 11 months ago
  Bèr Kessels e430fe27dc Add a console for manual investigation and debugging 11 months ago
  Bèr Kessels e55d5670f4 Remove nodejs server runner 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels c53a070984 Autocorrect with rubocop after upgrading. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 381161143b Update Ruby and Rubygems. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels bb5c7cd25f Remove kml builder 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 1c4aa7b555 Add parser for opening_hours to determine the state 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 7e1a5c3011 Remove .env to be replaced with per-env .env files in deployment 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels a66748fca3 Merge branch 'feature/read-place' into develop 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels a6bd6bf9ab Create database through makefile. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 37eafadc76 Implement basic json serialisation for events with lat-lon pairs 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 789982020f Store the way to install docker- postgis database 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 76a0c3153f Introduce rake tasks to setup and migrate database 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels dccccdbd18 Add jsonapi Gem 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 915471fd21 Rename ProposedNodes to just Nodes. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels f6ac93ab3f Fix Rakefile to create database. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 16985e8ed6 Update event_sourcery 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels cf940b0282 Handle viewing of proposed nodes from query 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels e4ee7050cf Merge branch 'feature/immekaart-rebase' into develop 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 367d974d14 Linting: Fix linting issues 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels c804dd3ef1 Fix errors caused by rebasing against external project 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels b8aa5c5770 fixup! Added a processor to generate and append a KML file. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 7f8d070b90 Ensure the runner starts the kml projector. 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 433292b049 Ingore auto-generated proposed_nodes.kml file. 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 638562474b Added a processor to generate and append a KML file. 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels d70e03bc90 Refactor event_helpers to make setup and processing independent. 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels f46a7f7b24 Introduce a File Helper to assert strings in a file exist 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 055ee0257d Added debugger to file 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 4daa7330ff fixup! Add a Procfile to run the Web and Processors. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels f6e8efa45f Add a test to determine that the proposed-nodes projector works. 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels c1d96ca0a5 Suppress the logging to STDOUT when testing 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 1e01ba1be7 Add a Procfile to run the Web and Processors. 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 78cba05bb1 Merge branch 'feature/ruby' into develop 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels aa036eed67 Remove inconsistent Sinatra namespacing around the error classes 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 5a8610a2cf Introduce rake and make tasks to reset the database. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 4eff1653c7 Use Make Clean to rebuild the database 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 3d1f9b2f40 Add Date Time helpers 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels ef81e83daa ensure database is cleaned between runs 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels e184901dcb Cleanup old nodejs code 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 8ff2556788 Use Dotenv to manage env in production 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 14c263bbf4 Rename HiveMap to Hours. 1 year ago