39 Commits (develop)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Bèr Kessels 9f4f3e88f7 Use puma in production 4 months ago
  Bèr Kessels c85a6c7f04 Configure capistrano to run on our app server 4 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 031edefcbe Add capistrano. 4 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 2fee0f1a8a Add rubyracer and v8 for asset compilation 4 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 6072a7b2ed Add a search query projector to handle requests through bragi 7 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 19c36f26bc Use locally patched postgres gem to circumvent UUID error. 9 months ago
  Bèr Kessels aefecf6184 Don't load dotenv or unused/broken gems. 9 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 12ce368146 Use local patched gems instead of vanilla 9 months ago
  Bèr Kessels a4e2530e6a Normalize and slugalize regions before making them slugs 9 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 0b65a9bf8b Use offline geocoder to add regions when we cannot find one. 10 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 134b4d4c62 Introduce paginator on region listings 10 months ago
  Bèr Kessels b4b5b0ef5a Add leaflet as local asset 11 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 439613f98a Add integration test with selenium to start testing the map. 11 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 1bf144a62f Use UUID v5 to generate a static uuid for a place_id. 11 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 89199e8855 Replace the openstruct in placeID with a PlaceBody 11 months ago
  Bèr Kessels e635936c09 Introduce place_id and use that instead of depending on the UUID. 11 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 63ee57e8f6 Add a feature to handle a stream of nodes over the CLI 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels b7db1c146e Ensure elements are properly escaped. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels e4e98f5f17 Refactor: use proper style in Gemfile and Rakefile 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels cea41f42ac Refactor: Clean up hstore address generation with data helper 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 31f62f26af Setup bootstrap basics 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels b993c74825 Add basics for testing HTML output 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels e430fe27dc Add a console for manual investigation and debugging 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels bb5c7cd25f Remove kml builder 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 1c4aa7b555 Add parser for opening_hours to determine the state 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 37eafadc76 Implement basic json serialisation for events with lat-lon pairs 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels dccccdbd18 Add jsonapi Gem 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 367d974d14 Linting: Fix linting issues 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels b8aa5c5770 fixup! Added a processor to generate and append a KML file. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 638562474b Added a processor to generate and append a KML file. 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 055ee0257d Added debugger to file 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 1e01ba1be7 Add a Procfile to run the Web and Processors. 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels ef81e83daa ensure database is cleaned between runs 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 8ff2556788 Use Dotenv to manage env in production 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels aa7911d367 Add basic event source to allow creation of database 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 45c21d119b Add linter: rubocop 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 08ce253314 Add test with test-runnier 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels cc63e90224 Add semver. 2 years ago
  Bèr Kessels 3a04b6312a Add OpeningHours and nominatim gems for evaluation. 1 year ago