143 Commits (develop)

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  Bèr Kessels 740a0bd44a Merge branch 'feature/parse-hours' into develop 2 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 9954237507 Remove week_stable as we don't need that ATM. 2 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 541b1841e4 Use parser to parse the Opening Hours String. 2 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 06b8a08e71 Introduce and use test assertion helper to check for http status 2 months ago
  Bèr Kessels d2f2ae835a Refactor iterator object creation into a constant 2 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 84032a0afe Replace hardcoded address with hstore object 2 months ago
  Bèr Kessels e430fe27dc Add a console for manual investigation and debugging 3 months ago
  Bèr Kessels e55d5670f4 Remove nodejs server runner 3 months ago
  Bèr Kessels c53a070984 Autocorrect with rubocop after upgrading. 3 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 381161143b Update Ruby and Rubygems. 3 months ago
  Bèr Kessels bb5c7cd25f Remove kml builder 3 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 1c4aa7b555 Add parser for opening_hours to determine the state 4 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 7e1a5c3011 Remove .env to be replaced with per-env .env files in deployment 4 months ago
  Bèr Kessels a66748fca3 Merge branch 'feature/read-place' into develop 4 months ago
  Bèr Kessels a6bd6bf9ab Create database through makefile. 4 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 37eafadc76 Implement basic json serialisation for events with lat-lon pairs 4 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 789982020f Store the way to install docker- postgis database 4 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 76a0c3153f Introduce rake tasks to setup and migrate database 4 months ago
  Bèr Kessels dccccdbd18 Add jsonapi Gem 4 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 915471fd21 Rename ProposedNodes to just Nodes. 4 months ago
  Bèr Kessels f6ac93ab3f Fix Rakefile to create database. 4 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 16985e8ed6 Update event_sourcery 4 months ago
  Bèr Kessels cf940b0282 Handle viewing of proposed nodes from query 8 months ago
  Bèr Kessels e4ee7050cf Merge branch 'feature/immekaart-rebase' into develop 8 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 367d974d14 Linting: Fix linting issues 8 months ago
  Bèr Kessels c804dd3ef1 Fix errors caused by rebasing against external project 8 months ago
  Bèr Kessels b8aa5c5770 fixup! Added a processor to generate and append a KML file. 8 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 7f8d070b90 Ensure the runner starts the kml projector. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 433292b049 Ingore auto-generated proposed_nodes.kml file. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 638562474b Added a processor to generate and append a KML file. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels d70e03bc90 Refactor event_helpers to make setup and processing independent. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels f46a7f7b24 Introduce a File Helper to assert strings in a file exist 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 055ee0257d Added debugger to file 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 4daa7330ff fixup! Add a Procfile to run the Web and Processors. 8 months ago
  Bèr Kessels f6e8efa45f Add a test to determine that the proposed-nodes projector works. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels c1d96ca0a5 Suppress the logging to STDOUT when testing 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 1e01ba1be7 Add a Procfile to run the Web and Processors. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 78cba05bb1 Merge branch 'feature/ruby' into develop 8 months ago
  Bèr Kessels aa036eed67 Remove inconsistent Sinatra namespacing around the error classes 8 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 5a8610a2cf Introduce rake and make tasks to reset the database. 8 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 4eff1653c7 Use Make Clean to rebuild the database 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 3d1f9b2f40 Add Date Time helpers 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels ef81e83daa ensure database is cleaned between runs 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels e184901dcb Cleanup old nodejs code 8 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 8ff2556788 Use Dotenv to manage env in production 8 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 14c263bbf4 Rename HiveMap to Hours. 8 months ago
  Bèr Kessels 13fdc68c39 Handle creation of nodes with commands and events. 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels aa7911d367 Add basic event source to allow creation of database 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 45c21d119b Add linter: rubocop 1 year ago
  Bèr Kessels 08ce253314 Add test with test-runnier 1 year ago