Mirror of Github Repo. https://github.com/flockingbird/roost
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Deploy Maintainability Test Coverage

Flockingbird is a professional social network, where you manage your business network. Decentralised, and privacy friendly.

Roost is the Proof of Concept server and webapp for Flockingbird.

More information:

  • Landing page to be expanded homepage
  • Blog updates with progress, concepts and explanations
  • Mastodon updates with newsflashes and feedback


If you want to help, the easiest and most effective thing to do is tell others about us: spread the word!

Other than that, any help is welcome. From giving unsolicited advice, via designing mockups, via improving this README, to writing code.

Designs and Mockups

We are moving the designs from our Figma to the Open Source alternative Penpot. Please drop us an email at hi@flockingbird.social if you want to be added as team member on the Flockingbird team in penpot.

Anyone can view the designs (WIP) on penpot


Ideas are most welcome! Either add a new RFC or drop us a mail at hi@flockingbird or a toot at @flockingbird@fosstodon.org.

Tasks and code

We are creating a list of tasks for various interests, and skills in our issues (helping with this list is most welcome too!)

Use the labels to find something that fits for you. For example tasks for frontend developers.

Get started

Ensure you have Postgres and Ruby 2.3 or higher installed, then run the setup script:

make install

Using the Application

Start the web server and processors (reactors and projectors):

make run


We use envent_sourcery by Envato. If unsure “where something goes”, just ask, or read up on event sourcing starting at event_sourcery README.

Make sure to add tests for any feature or bugfix.

Test with


This also enforces some code style guidelines once the tests pass.