Sympal: an Opinionated Drupal for simple brochure-sites.
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Bèr Kessels e2cdf46b0d Merge commit 'mikl/DRUPAL-6' into sympal-6 12 years ago
includes #393632 by ao2, andypost: add both first and last class to single menu items 12 years ago
misc #310139 by fonant, c960657, pwolanin: drupal_urlencode() and Drupal.encodeURIComponent was used to encode query strings and other components it should not have been used for 12 years ago
modules #696052 by Dave Reid: locale module variables are not properly uninstalled when the module is removed, causing fatal errors (backport of #347288) 12 years ago
profiles cleaned up version: remve some default modules, added a few modules and introduced content-type portfolio_entry. 12 years ago
scripts - Patch #155986 by Uwe: fixed typos. 14 years ago
sites replaced fruity theme with rootcandy. 12 years ago
themes #493678 by threexk, tic2000: fix issue with disappearing Garland tabs in Internet Explorer 12 years ago
.gitignore Adding ignorefile. 12 years ago
.htaccess Merge commit 'mikl/DRUPAL-6' into sympal-6 12 years ago
CHANGELOG.txt Now onto Drupal 6.16-dev 12 years ago
COPYRIGHT.txt #550770 by dww: bump year numbers in COPYRIGHT.txt to 2009 12 years ago
INSTALL.mysql.txt #193580 by chx: given recent improvements, Drupal does not require CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE and LOCK TABLES permissions, so do not check on install and do not advise people giving these rights 14 years ago
INSTALL.pgsql.txt - Patch #163246 by keith smith, freso, O Govinda, catch, webchick et al: fixed minor spelling issues and fixed spacing issues. 14 years ago
INSTALL.txt #225880 by pwolanin, keith.smith: get the user create settings.php instead of Drupal, so upgrading getseasier 13 years ago
LICENSE.txt #61108 by Uwe Hermann: update LICENSE.txt with latest version of GPL2 text 13 years ago
MAINTAINERS.txt #447700 by dww: Earl Miles is not update.module maintainer anymore 12 years ago
UPGRADE.txt #206281 by keith.smith: document that people should look into the new system requirements when they upgrade 14 years ago
cron.php - Patch #76958 by forngren, dww et al: make it a tad easier to run cron manually. 15 years ago
index.php - Patch #174226 by keith.smith, pwolanin et al al -- and greatly simplified by me: added a copyright notice. 14 years ago
install.php #382096 by Arancaytar: clean up #maxlength use in the installer; remove arbitrary 45 character limits, put reasonable limits in place where it makes sense 12 years ago
robots.txt #299582 by hass: Remove outdated items from robots.txt and fix ordering of items to make stuff easier to find. 13 years ago
update.php #314314 by bastos, Dave Reid, mr.baileys, Pasqualle: fix invalid XHTML markup in update.php output 13 years ago
xmlrpc.php - Patch #40393 by Richard: corrected permissions of menu/path settings on the content submission form. 16 years ago