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Watch your cryptoportfolio in a console



$ gem install capwatch
$ capwatch

Don’t forget to edit ~/.capwatch with a number of cryptocurrencies you hold.

Remote Config

If you want to store the configuration of the fund remotely, please do so by creating a file ~/.capwatch.remote. It will automatically be read in priority to the local one. The file should just contain the URL which will yield fund.


$ cat ~/.capwatch.remote


You can select which currency to use but editing the "currency": "USD" line in the fund. (default: USD)


$ capwatch -a

Will show you the top 100 currencies sorted by market capitalization


$ capwatch -w

You can watch you portfolio in real time by added the -w option


$ capwatch --anybar

Also please install this fork of Anybar, works currently only on macOS


If you want to get portfolio notifications on demand into your telegram, you’ll need:

  1. Create a telegram bot via BotFather
  2. Get the bot token
  3. Start capwatch with the bot token in hand

    $capwatch -e <bot_token>

Currently, Capwatch supports only two commands

  • /watch - shows the entire portfolio
  • /cap - shows only the footer of the portfolio, e.g. summaries

Remember to start it on a server in a tmux window or as a daemon.

Available Data Providers

  1. http://coinmarketcap.com

Demo Funds

Fund examples can be found here which were taken from here