Ruby interface to the Bitkassa API
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Ruby interface to the Bitkassa API

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API documentation

API documentation for this gem can be found on

Documentation on the actual API can be found at bitkassa. This is in Dutch.

Usage summary

Setup Config.

Bitkassa.config.secret_api_key = "SECRET"
Bitkassa.config.merchant_id = "banketbakkerhenk"

Ininitialize, validate and perform a request

attributes = {
  currency: "EUR",
  amount: 1337,
  description: "Description",
  return_url: "",
  update_url: "",
  meta_info: "ORDERID42"

bitkassa = #=> PaymentRequest
bitkassa.can_perform? #=> true
response = bitkassa.perform #=> PaymentResponse
response.payment_id #=> hAck1337
response.payment_url #=>