AHOY! Simple Proxy for when ISPs close down The Pirate Bay.
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AHOY! Simple TBP Proxy for your loot.

Ziggo en XS4ALL, Dutch ISPs are forced to deny access to the piratebay.

This is crap.

Therefore, if we install simple proxies on servers that can still acces TPB, banning will not be possible; unless “They” start to ban every site that has a proxy, now and in future.


A webserver with PHP5.x and PHP’s curl.


Somehow the search-result pages are empty. Gotta find out why their content is zero. And fix that. Looks like something is blocking it on TPB-side, and returning empty pages to us.

Broadcast this README, so that Google can pick it up: users can then discover all the installations.

Once searchengines can give a list of installed proxies, we should allow automatic redirection to these peer-proxies.