A series of random -often small and custommade- Drupal modules. They are unmaintained, so they won't feel at home at Drupal.org.
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h1. Unmaintained Drupal Modules

Provided by "webschuur.com":http://webschuur.com
Developed by Bèr Kessels

Unmaintained modules are just that: modules I wrote for a specific project,
client or fun, but without the intention of maintaining.
But I do love Open Source, and I like to share my work, I just don't have the
time, money and interest in maintaining hundreds of modules.

h2. Usage

At your own risk. They may not work. Actually: they probably won't work right
out of the box.

You *will* need to read the code, know your PHP and Drupal development. You
will need to take great care with your database. And you should always test

Actually, nothing new, or different from any other Drupal module.

h2. Conventions

Modules in the 5.x branch, if they have one, *may* work

h2. Mission, philosophy

Any maintainer will recognise those highly annoying, or demanding support requests

??"MODULE not works. I NEED HELP, else my project wil FAIL!!!!!!"??

Or all those lost hours at night upgrading a module you no longer use, to a newly
Drupal version. Evaluating clumsy patches,

Obviously there is great reward in a properly maintained module, when receiving
those version upgrades from someone who also uses your module. Suggestions to
improve a module, to speed it up, patches to improve documentation and so forth.
In other words: to maintain a successfull project!

For the less successfull, there is, I believe, still a market. Another developer
may need parts of your code. Or may need your custom module as a basis for her
own custom module.
Sharing that work, is also valuable.

It may end up in someones hands, who has more time and dedication to maintain it
and make it a great project.

In the mean time, maintaining less module, frees my hands to maintain the few with
more dedication and on a more regular basis.