Block the Buma Stemra Copyright crawler on your site
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Provided by
Developed by Bèr Kessels

This module is really simple: it does nothing itself.
All it does, is insert some IP-patterns on installation into Drupals access
table. This Drupal access system allows blocking users by host or mail.

NOTE: The teezir bot can probably switch to other IP addresses really easy.
So untill we find a more complete list of IP addresses or patterns,
this module will probably not help at all.
NOTE: You block an entire company, not just one bot. They run more bots, so installing
this blocker, may break your business if any other of the teezir servers need to
have access to you site.
NOTE: Do not rely on this module to protect you from copyright issues. Even íf,
this module would block the bot entirely (and it will most probably not)
people can still visit your site manually.
NOTE: You should not steal and distribute copyrighted material. You should
actually try some Creative Commons works, instead:
Or any other "alternatively" licenced work.

This module is not meant as a working, running and serious thing.
It is meant for illustration of how silly the Dutch Buma/Stemra is acting.

More on this on just about every Dutch Blog.
A good starting point here


Upload to your Drupal site: place in path/to/drupal/sites/all/modules/bs_blocker


Patterns are placed in the array in in bs_blocker.install
A basic wildcard pattern is in place:
% Matches any number of characters, even zero characters.
_ Matches exactly one character.

Please contact me at twitter:berkes, or on if you know more patterns for the Teezir bot.

Initial information on the bot can be found at

Info on the IPs behind the domain here

Info on Drupal's blocking system in the handbook: